Wednesday, November 20, 2019

World History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

World History - Essay Example In the 21st century, women now make up 44% of the work force compared to women barely working outside of the home at all in the medieval period (Waite 2002). During Medieval times, Stuard (1993) points out that it was the male that had almost all of the legal say so over the rights of his family, land ownership, and further, even holding a position of dominance in marriage as well. However, many of the social customs of that time era were developed by the roles of women (Stuard 1993). Nevertheless, history does show that men carried the majority of the weight in the basic aspects of life during the medieval period. Furthermore, class and stature played a crucial role in what legal restrictions were placed on an entire family in the medieval period also (Stuard 1993). This of course has changed in the 21st century even though there can still be found different classes of people spread throughout the world. Even so, there is not the heavy emphasis on this as there once was. The many is sues of equality, family values, and economic concerns for the family as a whole, are what are predominant in today's period. To confirm this point it is found that the idea of social work is most profound to guarantee that family's have some level of equality in society.

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