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Uses and abuse of drugs - 983 Words

â€Å"Last year alone, 37,000 people died from drug related overdoses.† Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs. Substance abuse is a growing problem that not only affects the person who is abusing alcohol or drugs but also affects the lives of those who are close to the abuser. Substance abuse is the abuse of any substance. A drug is a substance that modifies one or more of the body’s functions when it is consumed. It is often mistakenly assumed that drug abusers lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop using drugs simply by choosing to change their behavior. In reality, drug addiction is a disease and quitting takes a lot more than just changing your behavior. Drug Abuse is generally†¦show more content†¦Some people are more susceptible than others in that their reward responses are stronger which is why some people will get addicted to things more easily than other people will. If you add to that a tr oubled background of some sort, then when the brain offers its reward response though making that person feels calmer and happier or more in control, they are more likely than someone who is pretty happy. Alcohol is made of ethanol, it is a depressant, your body becomes addictive to the depressant effects and you eventually need it to stop the shakes (delirium tremors) and the withdrawals of the depressant effects on the brain and body. For example, caffeine is a stimulant, and people become addicted to that and when having caffeine withdrawals one has headaches and other neurological effects. However, alcohol is a lot more dangerous because if you are a hardcore not only can you die from drinking, if you stop cold turkey you can have convulsions and die from withdrawals. The â€Å"addictive substance† is ethanol. When you are pregnant, it is important that you watch what you put into your body. Consumption of illegal drugs is not safe for the unborn baby or for the mother. S tudies have shown that consumption of illegal drugs during pregnancy can result in miscarriage, low birth weight, premature labor, placental abruption, fetal death, and even maternal death. If its suspected that woman whose pregnant is using drugs they will test the baby to see if its born addicted,Show MoreRelatedPrescription Drug Use And Drug Abuse1691 Words   |  7 PagesPrescription drug abuse is an ongoing problem in rural teens. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health suggests that 13% of teens between the ages of 12-17 have experimented with nonmedical prescription drugs at some point in their lives. Researchers have identified several factors linked with nonmedical prescription drug use such as their school enrollment status, history of depression, and a two parent household presence (Gever, 2010). Nonmedical prescription drug abuse has been the rise, inRead MoreThe Ethics of Drug Use and Drug Abuse1579 Words   |  6 PagesEthics of Drug Use and Drug Abuse For any professional working in the substance abuse treatment field, they will very likely come across situations and be presented with dilemmas relating to personal beliefs, judgments, and values. Drug or substance use and abuse have been a controversial and heated topic around the world for centuries. Drug abuse, in a way, is a facet of human culture that has been present for a great deal of human history in general. Every culture handles the issue of drug abuseRead MoreTreatment Of Drug Use And Drug Abuse Essay2194 Words   |  9 Pages According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2012), the intention of drug addiction treatment is to help addicted individuals stop compulsive drug use and drug-seeking behavior (p. 8). Substance use is a timeless practice of cultures around the world and can be found in religious ceremonies, celebratory engagements, and family gatherings. Substance abuse and addiction has also been lurking in the shadows of history and has morphed into what some are calling an epidemic today. Treatment forRead MoreThe Influence Of Drug Use And Abuse736 Words   |  3 PagesOver the course of the last twenty years, drug usage has changed rather dramatically. From the kinds of drugs used to their potencies to how much is used, there are multiple factors to observe. Some drugs that didn’t even exist or were almost unheard of that long ago are some of the most abused today and are growing in popularity. In this essay I will be analyzing how people use drugs differently today than they did 2 0 years ago, in 1997, as opposed to how it is used today in 2017. In addition toRead MoreAnti Drug Use And Abuse1413 Words   |  6 PagesThe twentieth century was filled with illegal drug use and abuse among people from all walks of life including the rich and famous to the humble housewife and everyone in between. The type of drugs that were popular changed during the century and in return the views on them from society changed with them. Legislation had to continually be updated in order to keep up with the times as well. In the 1952 Dwight Eisenhower was elected President of the United States and his administration started toRead MoreDrug Use And Abuse Of Marijuana1299 Words   |  6 Pages There are several people in our society that have undergone a difficult time in their period which has resulted in the use of illegal substances. In today’s society there are people who would say that the use of marijuana is a result of bad parenting, while others claim that it is due to their surroundings. Regardless of one’s point of view, the use of marijuana has been going on for some time now and is not only a problem in our generation but back during the 1900’s to 1950’s as well. During theRead MoreDifference Between Drug Use And Drug Abuse1515 Words   |  7 Pagesmeant by the â€Å"drug abuse continuum†? Explain each of the levels on the continuum. How does the continuum help to explain the difference between drug use and drug abuse? Drug abuse continuum is referred to the stages of substances abuse and usage. This theory is to assess where a person is at in their drug abuse. It helps rate, which treatment is proper, if needed. The stages defined in the continuum are non-use, experimental use, and culturally endorsed us. They are also known as social use, recreationalRead MoreAddiction And Opioid Use For Drug Abuse954 Words   |  4 PagesAddiction and opioid use Drug abuse and addiction remain large and persistent problems. Nationally, addiction and abuse of all substances costs the economy an estimated $600 billion dollars annually. Indeed, over the past decade, illicit drug use appears to be steady or rising (2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health; DHHS). From this we see that prescription and non-prescription opioid use is particularly problematic. For example, prescription pain reliever misuse has remained consistentlyRead MoreDrug Use And Abuse With Teenage Children2286 Words   |  10 PagesWhen tackling the hard subject of drug use and abuse with teenage children there are many tactics a parent can use to address the subject with their children. First it is important for the parent to be informed of the hard facts so that they can convey the appropriate information to their kids. First explaining the legal side of using drugs is beneficial in raising the children’s awareness of repercussions that can be associated with experimenting with drugs. More than 100,000 inmates are convictedRead MoreDrug Abuse : Act Of Marijuana Use2019 Words   |  9 Pages Drug Abuse Implications in Reference to Marijuana use Drug abuse is too much consumption of drugs which results in problematic consequences as a result of the excessive consumption. The issue of drug abuse has presented major controversies as to whether or not is detrimental to health and should not be used or whether people have the absolute right to do whatever they may please with their lives so long as nobody else is being affected. The abuse of drugs has not only disastrous consequences

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