Friday, August 23, 2019

Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail - Essay Example Additionally, gender fashion is becoming the norm in many fashion centres. Many people in the fashion industry are wondering whether the genderless mode of fashion will apply in the retail industry. Some, however, are quite confident that people will do away with gender codes that have been considered for many years. For example, some women go for Givenchy men’s collection. On the other hand, men have been found eyeing and buying brands for women such as the Celine. Traditional demographic segments such as location, age and gender no longer applies in the fashion industry. The fact is that many people are creating their brands that are not dictated by traditional demographics noted earlier. For example, it has been noted that close to 30% of menswear are genderless. However, research shows that women, many of them, go for men’s clothes. Despite the move by both sexes to any store regardless of their gender, there is a problem of size. For example, with both sexes going for the same product, it is quite complicated to tell their sizes based on specifications such as medium size. The future is, however, bright for a genderless fashion. This can be noted from a few things that women and men share such as makeup (Mellery-Pratt). Picture A and B shows men dressed on women fashion. Those are some of the strategies called by Franà §ois-Henri Pinault, the chief executive who noted that there should be a change in the industry. Women have, for many decades dominated the fashion industry. The solution to Michele’s ailing industry is having both sexes on the runway. They should also have fashions with some similarities. As noted from the two pictures, the two men are dressed in women’s fashion. This is a change that has to go beyond the fashion industry to retail centres. Some fashion centres have tried the strategy of having women and men models. Saint Laurent is one that

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