Thursday, August 29, 2019

World Religions Report Scientology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

World Religions Report Scientology - Essay Example According to scientology, it is believed that human beings are immortal beings who exist in spiritual forms usually called ‘thetan,’ meaning that they are only trapped on Earth in their physical body. According to scientologists believes, individuals discover are supposed to discover for themselves, the works of scientology by putting into practice all the principles and observing the results. Through scientology methods; individuals are believed to be able to achieve great spiritual awareness, through a method referred to as; ‘Auditing’ or ‘Training’. From these people are able to scale up from level to level a process called ‘the bridge to total freedom’. The progress typically involves three basic stages that is; ‘preclear,’ ‘clear’ and finally ‘operating Theatan’ (Ron Hubbard, 2007). Name Location and Review of the Site The Mormon Church was formally known as the ‘Church of Jesus Chri st of Latter day Saints’ the church has many temples across the globe with the majority concentrated in the United States. I visited the Bountiful Utah Temple which is located in North America in a place called Utah. The church is built high among the famous Bountiful East bench foothills. It offers a skeptical view which extends to far to the ‘Great salt Lake’. It was the eighth temple in Utah, the first having been built in Davis Country. The Bountiful Utah Temple represents one of the two temples which are normally dedicated by President Howard W, at the time he was the president of the church (The other temple is the Orlando Florida Temple). The people living around this region are political conservatives compared to the other people in the outskirts of this region. This was the major drawback in information gathering. Interview Summary I have always had an unexplored passion in scientology due to the fact that it is comparatively new religion with a lot of u nknown secrets. When I met a guy called Brian, he was open and willing to talk to me about many aspects of this religion and below is some of the major issues we tackled at length as we communicated. A summary of conversation interview with Brian-a Scientologist Mike: have you ever been interviewed by someone like me before? Brian Wenger: yes indeed, but the topic was not precisely on scientology as you would wish to do, I have had friends and strangers questioning me on various topics but not one had hit the same thing as you did, and I believe this is what gave me some interest to talk to you as I will be sharing one of the things I hold so dear at heart with a stranger. Mike: I have always wondered and had passion in knowing more about scientology, I am always keen and eager to learn new things that are different from the normal societal values and teachings that I belong. When I met you the first question that rung into my mind was, how you heard and became a member of scientolo gist religion. Brian Wenger: I was introduced to scientology by my dad Mike: Ah so you grew up knowing it? Brian Wenger: Well, kind of. He and my mum had been in transcendental meditation. At fist I saw that it was weird, but as time went by I became curious and began looking at some stuff they were bringing home like some articles about scientology. They were committed Mennonite and as such, this religious thing was always around me. Mike: How long have you practiced this faith? Brian Wenger: I can say over 24 years now Mike: What religion or faith did you practice before scientology? Brian Wenger: just as I said, I learned about scientology when I was still young, and my parents

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