Monday, June 10, 2019

Letter to the crown and the judge of the court Assignment

Letter to the crown and the judge of the court - Assignment ExampleHence, I promise never to get involved in such scenario again.I believe that the main objective of your department is to offer correction although there are some aspects of punishments attached to it. However, I believe that you consider the corrective dominance of the department more than its disciplinary requirement. I in like manner believe that you value offering support to people who value living a descent behavior or making efforts to correct their mistakes. Currently I rely on your support to enable me walk through the road of change. Getting back my mountain pass from your department would be a paramount support that would enable me to achieve the change that I desire.I acknowledge the existence of fears that I might fell out of the country due to the trouble that I got involved. However, I would like to bring to your consideration that I have no any plans to flee the country. In addition, I am committed to go through the entire judicial process for the interest of my Canadian citizenship and the plaintiff. Canada is not only my county of residence but also my home. Although I was not born in Canada, I have startd in the country since I was eight year old. I have also get all my education in Canadian schools and therefore all my investments are in the country. Fleeing from Canada would be like going to another planet since all my friends and family live in Canada. In addition my father who has special value and love for the country has invested over $200, 000 for our family to acquire full Canadian citizenship. Currently I am in the last stage of acquiring a permanent residence card and therefore your assistant would be vital.I hope that my request and dec would find a place of consideration in your honoured court. I also appreciate and honour the assistance that you will accord me through the release of my passport. Your assistance would go a long way in consoling my aged father , worried friends, family members and

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