Saturday, June 22, 2019

Music research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Music - Research Paper ExampleAs of yet, K Pop medical specialtyians have held a plethora of successful concerts internationally in major cities such as Chicago, New York, Paris, London, and Barcelona. With their unique style and multiple talents, two K Pop stars including Psy and the Rain have swept international audiences with their hit music and performances in films.The famous K Pop singer, Psy shot to popularity in 2012 when his single Gangnam Style went hit with over one billion views on YouTube within a few weeks of its release. His single went viral over YouTube reaching millions of international fans with approximately two billion views as of yet (Gruger, n.pag. (a)). Subsequently, his signature dance move to the lyrical Oppa Gangnam Style became so popular that sports players, politicians such as Mitt Romney (Perera, n.pag.), and TV hosts could not get away from maneuvering to the renditions of Gangnam Style. The song do new records of worldwide popularity and particul ar date with international audiences which even earned Psys lyric, Oppa Gangnam Style, an entry in The Yale Book of Quotations as being one of the most famous quotes of the year 2012. Psys music video was a huge success all over the world. With its dancy music, hilarious yet interesting dance moves, funny lyrics, and catchy video, the single made it to the top of the charts as a dominant musical entry. The immense popularity of the song and its video reached worldwide audiences taking Psy to new heights of fame and recognition.Another popular K Pop star, Rain is an actor, singer, producer, and model. The Rain is also known as the King of K Pop due to his popular music and his influence outside due south Korea. The Rain starred in a 2009 cinema called Ninja Assassin where he performed a physical role of the assassin belonging to the Ozunu ninja clan. For his role in the movie Ninja Assassin, the Rain even won an MTV Movie

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